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There is a hidden mining complex, near the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl. The city is well-known from the disaster caused by a nuclear reactor, which caused thousands of citizens to evacuate from the lethal radiation. For years to come, the area will be dangerous to enter.

However, a discovery was made. Made by a secret Russian ops team called SWF, or Secret Weapons Forces. They found that the radiation had caused certain minerals to become intoxicated with radiation, in turn, causing them to grow into long veins of crystals, some miles long, and of precious rocks like diamond and onyx. Seeing the sky-scraping profits, the organisation hired miners to enter the radiation zone to extract the minerals and store them for later selling.

The sudden growth in the crystals hasn't only proved profitable though. The underground rock formations are constantly shifting and breaking, making for a very dangerous environment to work in. There are regular cave-ins, and the tunnels tend to warp and shift over time. And this isn't the only thing to worry about. Miners who have died in collapsing mine shafts have been reported missing, only later on to be found still breathing in their mutilated bodies that have been crushed and warped by radiation. Perhaps the radiation has kept them alive? Or brought them back from the dead? Scientific tests don't show results yet. No-one knows. They have been known to be aggressive and sometimes still wield pick-axes, so are a hazard to miners.

A recent cave-in has left a single miner, by the name of Anton Gorbachyov, stranded. The only close exit has been barricaded by the debris and air is running low. Stones and pieces will fall around him, making the entire environment a danger. He must find a way to escape, but how? And there's another danger. That's not a stone or the air turning stale. A living, breathing danger.